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July 5, 2011 Sushant Tourist Places

Patiala is a city in Punjab which is well known for its tradition and culture. Being one of the princely states of medieval India, this region has retained its rich royal heritage even through the British subjugation times. Hence, what prevails in Patiala today are the various historic landmarks and unique symbols of a rich Punjabi heritage.

Sightseeing in Patiala For sightseeing in Patiala, one must visit the Sheesh Mahal. In 1845 Maharaja Narinder Singh built a palace called ‘Sheesh Mahal’. This Mahal has a beautiful museum with variety of jewellery, costumes, paintings, wooden carved furniture, Tibetan art etc. Sheesh Mahal is designed with mirrors and glass which is why it is termed as Sheesh (which means glass) Mahal. It also has a medal gallery where in huge number of medals are displayed. Medals collected from Finland, Japan, China, Thailand, Austria, Belgium, Russia, England and some countries of Africa and Asia can be found here.

The founder of Patiala dynasty, Baba Ali Singh in 1763 built a complex called Qila Mubarak. Outside the Qila, there is a Shiv temple and a bazaar exhibiting ornaments, jooti, Parandis and hand woven fabrics for sale. This Qila was not only a fort but was also a palace which holds significance for its beauty. This historical façade attracts several tourists and is a picturesque place due to its clean and well maintained gardens.

The Old Motibagh Palace which was built in 19th century is supposed to be one of the biggest houses in Asia. Chandeliers surrounding the Durbar hall and approximately15 dining rooms and a very well furnished saloon are the things which makes this palace eautiful and unique. The New Motibagh Palace which was built in 1959 has now been converted into National Institute of Sports.

Wildlife garden at a distance of 55 kilometers from Patiala which is known as Chhatbir Zoo is another spot of attraction for tourists. Mahendra Chaudhary, Zoological Park is the other name for Chhatbir Zoo. The top most attraction of this Zoo is the Royal Bengal Tiger. The Zoo consists of 950 animals and birds of 85 species.

Thus, Patiala with its unique style, has much more to offer to its tourists. There are few religious places like Kali Temple, Gurudwara Dukhniwaran Sahib, Qila Bahadurgarh, Panj Bali Gurdwara and Maiji Di Sarai which are worth visiting. Also, there are various amusement parks which are ideal for kids and shopping malls for all age groups. Local bazaars are the ideal places to buy local stuff such as embroidered Phulkari, juttis, achars and so forth.

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