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July 4, 2011 Sushant Patiala

Patiala is an important commercial centre in the state of Punjab. It is the capital ever since the time of establishment of the royal Sikh kingdom by Ala Singh in 1767. It is the sixth most populous district of the Punjab state. It is part of the Indo-Gangetic plain. The river Gaghar is the most important water channel of the district. It is essentially a seasonal stream but grows big during the monsoon season, flooding the adjoining villages, killing livestock and at times humans. However, alongwith the Bakhra & Nawana canals the parched areas of the district are transformed by its waters into a prosperous rural community.

By and large, India experiences four seasons and Patiala weather follows a similar pattern with a more intense summer and winter.

The summer season in Patiala begins around the mid of March and lasts till the end of June. May and June are the hottest months of the year with temperatures averaging 43oC.

Patiala Weather The south-west monsoon brings in rain in the month of July and lasts till the end of August. It is a period of great relief after the scorching heat of the summer. 80% of its rainfall is contributed by the south-west winds but is unevenly distributed in its various corners. About 20 % of the annual rainfall is experienced in the non-monsoon season in the form of thunderstorms. The annual rainfall of the district 677 mm which is unevenly distributed over the area.

Post-Monsoon is a period of transition into winter ie from September to end October and this season, along with windter, is the best time for tourists to visit this city.
The start of winter from November for the next five months is ideal for a visitor to the city. The chill could get severe if temperatures fall to 2oC though the average during the period is between 7 to 12 oC. Frost forms due to the chill. The city has sufficient greenery, particularly the well laid out gardens next to the palaces and monuments. The Baradari gardens contain rare varieties of plants brought from various parts of the country by the then Crown Prince. The royalty were great patrons of art, music, painting and architecture all blending to invite the visitor to share the city’s splendour.

There are various online resources whereby one can find live Patiala weather forecast, essential for tourists visiting this area. The Patiala weather, along with the ‘sites-to-see’, create the ambiance for the visitors to experience myriad tastes of the royalty of Patiala.

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