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July 2, 2011 Sushant Patiala

Patiala being one of the historic cities of Punjab is known for its tradition and culture. The city has several beautiful places which makes tourists visit this place from all over the country and even from abroad. Situated at a distance of 65 km from Chandigarh and 250 km from Delhi, this historic city of Patiala is fast growing into an urban hub in Punjab.

Patiala is not only known for its traditional goods but also industrial goods. Industrial growth of Patiala is increasing to a large extent. Few major groups of industries are related to milk products, bicycles components etc. As the word Pati means land of Baba Ala Singh who had built this city, many Punjabis from this region who had dispersed far and wide are now looking to buy land in their ancestral home town.

Patiala Property Market – Properties for Sale and Rent The city is developing at a high pace, hence investing in properties in Patiala would definitely mean good returns. The property market of Patiala is succeeding with more and more opportunities available for investment in property here. Real estate in Patiala consists of both commercial and residential estate. Due to development of infrastructure, the prices of property in Patiala have increased. It has also increased the selling, buying and renting of commercial and residential properties. Construction of residential complex, commercial complex, malls, multiplexes are fast coming up in the urbanization drive of Patiala.

In the residential sectors, there is no dearth of property for sale in Patiala. There are a plethora of furnished flats which are always ready for immediate occupation. Business travelers or those who wish to stay in the city for a couple of months will find many properties on rent through real estate agents here. Then again, there are many real estate websites whereby people can look up comparative prices of residential apartments or bungalows spread out in different parts of the city. Property prices being low here comparatively compared to cities like Chandigarh and Delhi, business opportunities abound. Good deals may be found on commercial spaces here in the upcoming retail and industrial sectors as well.

There are several real estate companies which help you to buy and sell properties at appropriate prices. They also help you finalize the deal at the earliest. Real estate agents play a significant role in dealing with a property. They co ordinate and negotiate between the buyer and seller in order to help the beneficiary.

Hence if you are planning to either buy or sell a property in Patiala, ensure that the real estate companies are professional and reliable. Thorough research needs to be done on real estate companies to avoid any kind of disputes or disagreements. You can also find detailed information about real estate agencies by going through their websites.

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