Patiala Fairs and Festivals

July 1, 2011 Sushant Patiala

Patiala being a city in the state of Punjab, is one of the aristocratic cities in India. It is the

administrative headquarters of Patiala district. Patiala was founded by Baba Ali Singh.

This city is known about the vibrant and larger than life lifestyles of the Maharajas of Patiala. Being a princely state that held on to its sovereignty due to its well-thought out alliances with the reigning authorities like the British, this city was able to maintain the grandeur lifestyle of their kings and many unique royal customs such as the costumes and elaborate lifestyles are still prevalent The Patiala salwar, the Patiala pickles and the Patiala peg are all symbols of a rich and vibrant history of this place to which the residents still hold on to today.

Patiala Fairs and Festivals Fairs and festivals have been popular for centuries in India. In the state of Punjab which is traditionally an agricultural state, the various harvest seasons have always been the occasions to celebrate in the form of various festivals and fairs.

Baisakhi, Lohri are harvest festivals of Punjab which are celebrated here with a lot of spirit and fervor. From worshipping the Gods for providing the land with bountiful harvests to family gatherings who celebrate these occasions with joint meals, dances and sings, Baisakhi and Lohri are Patiala festivals like other places in Punjab.

Punjabi culture is a combination of different ideologies. People came here and settled down

retaining their cultural beliefs. Gradually they got accustomed to Punjabi culture. A fair

has always been an occasion of joy. People take part in fairs from far off places in their

vibrant colors. Men, women and children of all ages gather to enjoy races, wrestling bouts,

acrobatics, singing, dancing,etc. Festivals like Holi, Baishaki, Dushera, Diwali are celebrated

in Patiala like in opther places in Punjab. But there are two more festivals which are celebrated only in

Patiala. One is Craft Mela and the other one is Heritage festival.

Craft Mela

Craft Mela, which is also known as Craft fair, is an event that goes on for ten days in Patiala

every year in February. Craft Mela is held at Sheesh Mahal Art gallery premises with 150

craftsmen from different parts of India. Variety of furniture, pottery, textiles, jewellery, domestic

linen, woollens and innumerable handicraft items gets displayed at the mela.

Patiala Heritage festival

It started in the year 2003 under the Patiala heritage society. It is a cultural event which show

cases the various aspects of art, music and sports. It is literally an art and cultural extravaganza.

This festival also provides a platform for events like Golf tournaments, Cricket and Polo matches.

Thus, the Patiala fairs and festivals are the showcases of its unique culture and heritage and hence, are as unique as its people and traditions.

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