Cheap Budget Hotels in Patiala

June 1, 2011 Sushant Hotels & Resorts

Patiala being one of the beautiful cities in Punjab has all kinds of hotels starting from budget hotels to luxury hotels. Tourists will find hotels with accommodation for leisure, pilgrimage, business, etc. a hotel in Patiala meets the needs of both leisure and business travelers. Few hotels also provide banquet halls for conferences for corporate travelers. Patiala is a city which has a combination of both traditionalism and modernism. Hotels in Patiala always ensure that tourists enjoy their stay in comfort and luxury. They are also well known for their hospitality. Food is delicious in most hotels, offering a wide range of Punjabi cuisine.

There are many people who would not want to spend much on accommodation, especially business and frequent travelers who need to travel to and fro Patiala on business or corporate need. Then again, people who come here from nearby cities and are mostly interested in sightseeing and visiting different places in Patiala. As the time spent in the hotel is minimal, they prefer staying in budget hotels. The cheap budget hotels in Patiala, with prices ranging from Rs. 600 to as low as Rs. 350, offer a lot of options for such travelers.

Cheap Budget Hotels in Patiala One of the cheap budget hotels are Kaka International. This hotel where a room can cost you around Rs 600, is situated near Gurudwara Dukh. It is centrally located and offers you comfortable stay at cheaper rates. Harpavittar International is also a budget hotel which is cheaper than Kaka International as the room rates are Rs 450.This hotel is also situated near Gurudwara Dukh. Another Hotel situated in this location is Greens Hotel costing you only Rs 350.

Other budget hotels like Godwin, Corner Bar offers you accommodation within the same range of Rs 350. These hotels are centrally located as well. Hotel Godwin is located opposite to Gandhi Lake and Corner Bar is very close to the railway station. So one can choose from options mentioned above if you are on the lookout for cheap budget hotels in Patiala.

Hence Patiala not only has luxury hotels but there are also several budget hotels which meet the basic requirement of people as not many people can afford expensive hotels. And also the biggest advantage of staying in cheap hotel is that it reduces your expense, especially if you are looking at an extended period stay which can be for a variety of reasons. Nowadays, even cheap hotels are developing themselves to make tourists’ stay comfortable by providing all the basic amenities, good food and hospitality.

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